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On March 7, 2008, KENNER was established. The main areas of our business are:

  • manufacturing and maintenance of programmable workbenches (CNC);
  • manufacture and maintenance of high pressure water equipment;
  • production and service of various technological equipment.
  • In addition, the company specializes in waterjet cutting of sheet materials, welding of various metals (mainly stainless steel and aluminum), welding of orbital tubes (TIG) and similar activities.

Since then, we have produced many programmable machines, high pressure pumps, various technological equipment, containers, conveyors, feeders, rotating forms, piping systems, parts - their workpieces and metal structures of varying complexity.

KENNER is one of the few manufacturing companies in Latvia that uses the most advanced material processing technologies to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time, as well as to ensure high accuracy. Our company uses waterjet cutting systems, programmable work tables (CNC), machines for orbital welding and other machines for finishing materials that allow you to implement individual projects (both simple and complex).

Our clients are:

  • design companies (project developers);
  • architects' / engineers' / designers' offices;
  • tens of corporate clients from a wide range of industries (food, trade, service, industry, construction and others);
  • individuals.

We are ready to work and consult the client during all project stages - from the preparation of the task to the full installation.

The company is located in Adaži and its production area is more than 1000 m2. This allows you to implement both simple and large, non-standard projects. We invite you to visit our factory in Adaži and learn more about the possibilities of cooperation with us!