The KWJ-C cantilever hydroabrasive cutting machine is designed for cutting various sizes of materials. The cutter is available in a variety of workbench sizes (width (y-axis) to 1500mm and length (x-axis) from 1500mm to 6000mm and above), with the ability to cut both water / abrasive jet and pure water jet material processing. The cantilever machine comes as standard with a variety of accessories such as pneumatic lifting goggles, laser for zeroing, automatic cutting nozzle height control. We make cutting machines using the latest technology and the highest quality materials! They are individually tailored to the specifics of the customer’s production!

With this cutting machine, the production process will be faster, better quality and cheaper!

To view and test this programmable (CNC) cutting machine in practice, we offer you a DEMO demo at our production site in Adazi at a convenient time! We invite you to visit our factory and find out more about our cooperation opportunities!

Technical data

  • Darba zonas izmēri (standarta)
    (Y x X axis)
    1.500 x 1.500mm;
    1.500 x 2000 mm;
    1,500 x 3,000mm;
    1,500 x 4,000mm;
    1,500 x 6,000mm;
    (can be manufactured in non-standard sizes)
  • Position accuracy: +/- 0.05 mm
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.03 mm
  • Maximum travel speed: 20 m / min
  • Max cutting speed: 10 m / min
  • Number of cutting heads – max. 2GB
  • High pressure pump operating pressure 500-3800 bar
    (can be fitted with a pump up to 6200 bar)


The construction is made of high quality materials – solid steel frame, high quality linear guide system, stable stainless steel cantilever beams and ball screw drive system axles.

The design is stable, secure and reliable throughout its lifetime and provides high positional accuracy of the cutting head due to the removal of internal stresses in the console (by heat treatment). The X, Y, and Z axis guides are calibrated to provide stability, precision and easy vibration-free movement of the console at high speeds!

The stainless steel workbench / bathtub has a changeable cutting surface / grid cover (weight resistance 790 kg / m2). The bathtub is located separate from the frame. The quality and accuracy of the cutting is not affected by changes in the water temperature in the bath (at intense working water the temperature in the bath can reach + 50-60º C)! In addition, the desk can be equipped with a system for rapid water change, which allows the material to be submerged. No extra noise is generated during cutting and the workplace is protected from abrasion and water splashes. The cutter comes in a variety of standard working areas (width (y-axis) to 1500mm and length (x-axis) from 1500mm to 6000mm and more), which allows it to be used in a variety of industries and to handle virtually any standard sheet size. Thanks to its cantilever shape, the operator has easy access to the cutting area on three sides, which facilitates loading and removal of the workpiece from the cutting surface.


The machine is controlled by computer software Windows (CNC – computer numerical control). Cutting machine control is convenient and convenient as it is provided in two ways: from stationary control stand and with remote control. The stationary control console is specially designed and designed. It has a powerful processor, an easy-to-read 20-inch LED display, a waterproof keyboard and a USB port for easy file loading. In addition to the stationary operator control rack, a remote control is provided for convenient coordination and positioning of the cutting head over the workpiece before starting the cutting process (for setting the zero point and performing the test cycle). A height control sensor is also included as standard, enabling faster cut thickness measurement before cutting. To make the operator more efficient, the cutting head is equipped with a laser beam transducer (starting point for cutting).

Software provided by KENNER provides management and control of all graphic file processes. The software is available in several languages ​​- Russian, English, etc. IGEMS CAD / CAM / NEST Software is a program that lets you process, create, export and spread parts onto cutting material and prepare files for cutting! The Windows Environment Software from KENNER, on the other hand, is a program that easily and transparently administers all of the water cutting machine control processes.

The X, Y and Z axes are equipped with state-of-the-art servo drives with a digital positioning and control system for easy and dynamic movement of the console with positioning accuracy of +/- 0.05mm, repeatability +/- 0.03mm and maximum travel speed up to 20 meters per minute.


The high pressure system is a key component of the water cutting machine. Our products incorporate components from KMT Waterjet Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of high pressure systems. KMT Waterjet Systems has been developing and manufacturing them since the 1970s. Kenner hydroabrasive cutting equipment is supplied with pumps of appropriate capacity and pressure. The pump power and operating pressure depend on the diameter of the cutting head nozzle, the type of cutting, the number of heads and the material to be processed (maximum possible pressure up to 6200 bar). Equally important is the choice of cutting head – we use KMT manufacturer’s cutting heads, which have proven to be safe, efficient and accurate when cutting both soft and thin and thick and very hard material! The cutting head is made of a special high-strength alloy, modeled to optimize abrasive sand consumption without sacrificing cutting speed and quality. When servicing, it is easy to disassemble and assemble (without tools) to replace parts during operation.


The abrasive feed system consists of two storage tanks with a capacity of 210 liters, providing a continuous and uniform flow of abrasive sand to the water / abrasive mixing chamber of the cutting head. The tanks are sealed and protected from moisture. They are equipped with an abrasive level indicator, which allows the machine operator to control the sand level from the control console. Abrasive sand can be added without stopping the cutting process.


The security system shall include:

  • Central access control (machine activation is provided by a mechanical key);
  • The workbench / bathtub is equipped with a safety glass that is pneumatically raised at the start of the cutting process, protecting the workplace from abrasive and water splashes and alerting staff to the start of the cutting process;
  • The unit is equipped with emergency stop switches. They are located at the control console and desk to stop the cutting process (if necessary);
  • The X, Y and Z axles are fitted with corrugated dust guards to protect them from abrasive, water-resistant impacts in their daily work;
    Impact protection system (optional);
  • The cutting head has a sensor that ensures that the cutting tool is protected from contact with the workpiece;

The machine’s high pressure system (pump) is equipped with all necessary safety protection systems – pressure stabilizer, non-return valve, operating pressure indicator, pump cooling system, water filter system, etc.

The machine’s wiring system is tested, equipped with surge protection and certified, and the connections are hermetically sealed.


Optional equipment can be supplied with:

  • Water level control system – “underwater cutting”;
  • Fastening clips (for material);
  • Impact protection system. The cutter head is equipped with a sensor that prevents damage to the cutter when the nozzle encounters an obstacle, thus reducing the risk of operator error;
  • Work desk / bath water filtration system to remove sediment and used abrasive from the water;
  • Water filtration system (before high pressure pump);
  • Tool kit (for maintenance).


The machine is designed for long and secure daily work. However, like any machine, it needs daily inspection and periodic maintenance! The operator needs to periodically check the hydraulic oil level of the high pressure pump and the condition of the incoming water filter. Depending on the intensity of use (hours of operation), the machine should be serviced periodically – changing the cutting head nozzle focusing water / abrasive nozzle and diamond (or sapphire) diesel; the high pressure pump requires the high pressure and low pressure valves to be checked and lubricated (replace if necessary), the hydraulic oil and the linear guide lubrication cartridges should be replaced about once a year.

We recommend that you carry out maintenance using special tools designed for this purpose.

If all the above conditions are met, the machine will last a long time and will not require any additional material investment!