KENNER offers high precision waterjet cutting. Cutting with water opens up new possibilities for material handling. The technology is based on water, which is pressurized to 3,800 bar by a high-pressure pump and, when mixed with abrasives, is fed through a nozzle via computer software (CNC) over the cutting material. The speed of water at the moment of cutting is twice the speed of sound. The diameter of the weld is 0.75 mm. Maximum material (cutting) field (x axis) 3010mm x (y axis) 1505mm x (z axis) 200mm. Cutting accuracy +/- 0.1mm. Software imports DWG, DXF, etc.


  • Cuts virtually any material
  • Cuts any shape (design element) in one plane (2D)
  • Cuts quickly, precisely and practically without loss of (cutting) material
  • Material that is cut with water does not heat the weld (does not harden), resulting in no change in material properties (durability and color)
  • Larger parts can be cut into individual segments (parts), then joined together
  • This cutting method is cheaper and faster than mechanical cutting
  • If you need to cut several pieces from one sheet, the program itself arranges the pieces on the cutting surface before cutting the sheet material so that the cut percentage is as small as possible
  • This cutting method is ideal for combining different materials with each other and creating mosaics of different finishes like tiles, glass and more.


  • Stainless steel
  • Non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, etc.)
  • Glass
  • Plastic (polyethylene, polyamide, polycarbonate, organic glass, etc. sheet plastics)
  • Stone (granite, marble,…)
  • Composite materials (carbon, carbon, fiberglass, etc. textolites)
  • Rubber, elastomers
  • Wood (veneer, OSB, MDF, HDF)
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Carpet (cavroline, carpet tiles)
  • Leather
  • Foam polyurethane
  • And other materials

To make your order, we need a drawing in vector graphics.

Samples can be viewed at our factory.